Barry Swain

I wanted to take some time to write a testimonial for your new business. In an industry that consistently handles complaints from people with broken cars; we should take a little time when it warrants complementing those who are making a difference.

We have our own repair facility, but when we get “stuck” with a foreign luxury make, and we don’t want to send it to the franchise dealer, we have been sending it to Peg City Auto. Knowing your expertise with luxury makes, especially the European models, it’s nice to have an out source facility we can rely on.

You have helped rebuild an Audi engine, fixed an ongoing turbo issue with a high performance Subaru, and made a year-long Porsche problem disappear. All of this was done in a just a few short months.

I have recommended your business and will continue to do so with complete confidence. Thanks for your efforts Dan, you are making a difference, and it is appreciated.


Barry Swain
General Sales Manager – Nott Autocorp

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